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Pokemon Go PvP Charts & Resources

About the Site is a site providing inquisitive Pokemon Go PvP players with charts and data to facilitate creative and analytical team building and quick access to basic stats. This includes Type Chart, TDO, Stat Boosts, Resistances, Move Stats, Move Pool and some specialized charts for Quick Move DPS, Charge Move Speed, Nuke Power etc to find your “Nice Pokemon” that fewer people might look into. The site is designed to give a birds eye of "what’s under the hood" and make the information easily accessible with minimal distractions.

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I hope you enjoy the content and want to support my work, so I can keep building, fund web-hosting costs, stay up-to-date and improve upon the site and come up with new charts as the game develops. It takes a lot of time since the game and stats is constantly changing.  If i get a few patreons im planning on sending out some fun creative team suggestions to use in cups, based on the charts on the site, there is still so much to discover in this game!


Another way to help the site is to recommend it to your friends, your local community or put up a link if you have a website/youtube channel. Just add and let more people know about it!

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