Pokemon Go PvP Type Chart and Resources

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PvP Candidates Page. This page gathers all potential candidates suitable for PvP in Pokemon Go. TDO-rank is the main metric, but also consider "Number of Resistances", "Weaknesses" and "Stat Boosts" (Scroll Down). Together they cover most relevant pokemon and is a good place to start your team building. Use the Top Menu to dive deeper into Type Coverage, Move Stats and Move Pool(Dex). Only one move set (Highest TDO) is displayed on this list, but go to Move Stats(Moves) and Move Pool(Dex) to investigate your best options.

TDO Rank for Great League Pokemon

TDO Rank for Ultra League Pokemon

TDO Rank for Master League Pokemon

 Pokemon  Quick move  Charge move TDO
 Bastiodon  Smack Down  Stone Edge 100
 Medicham  Counter  Power-Up Punch 97
 Deoxys Def  Counter  Psycho Boost 96
 Tropius  Razor Leaf  Leaf Blade 95
 Cresselia  Psycho Cut  Future Sight 96
 Altaria  Dragon Breath  Sky Attack 95
 Umbreon  Snarl  Foul Play 94
 Meganium  Vine Whip  Frenzy Plant 94
 Probopass  Spark  Rock Slide 89
 Munchlax  Lick  Body Slam 84
 Relicanth  Water Gun  Aqua Tail 82
 Azumarill  Bubble  Play Rough 80
 Lugia  Extrasensory  Sky Attack 78
 Lapras  Water Gun  Surf 78
 Blastoise  Water Gun  Hydro Cannon 76
 Vigoroth  Counter  Body Slam 76
 Swampert  Mud Shot  Hydro Cannon 76
 Snorlax  Lick  Body Slam 75
 Hypno  Confusion  Psyshock 75
 Poliwrath  Mud Shot  Power-Up Punch 74
 Noctowl  Wing Attack  Sky Attack 72
 Sealeo  Powder Snow  Body Slam 72
 Bellossom  Razor Leaf  Leaf Blade 72
 Vespiquen  Bug Bite  X-scissor 72
 Chansey  Pound  Hyper Beam 72
 Jirachi  Confusion  Doom Desire 70
 Whiscash  Mud Shot  Mud Bomb 70
 Skarmory  Air Slash  Sky Attack 70
 Steelix  Dragon Tail  Crunch 70
 Wobbuffet  Counter  Mirror Coat 69
 Bayleef  Razor Leaf  Ancient Power 69
 Lanturn  Water Gun  Thunderbolt 68
 Lickitung  Lick  Stomp 68
 Castform Ice  Powder Snow  Weather Ball Ice 68
 Hitmonchan  Counter  Power-Up Punch 68
 Dewgong  Ice Shard  Icy Wind 67
 Politoed  Mud Shot  Surf 67
 Venusaur  Vine Whip  Frenzy Plant 67
 Ludicolo  Razor Leaf  Hydro Pump 67
 Ledian  Bug Bite  Silver Wind 66
 Abomasnow  Razor Leaf  Blizzard 66
 Regirock  Rock Throw  Stone Edge 66
 Grotle  Razor Leaf  Body Slam 66
 Alolan Raticate  Quick Attack  Crunch 66
 Torterra  Razor Leaf  Stone Edge 66
 Sudowoodo  Counter  Rock Slide 66
 Aggron  Smack Down  Stone Edge 65
 Uxie  Confusion  Thunder 65
 Castform Water  Water Gun  Weather Ball Rain 65
 Castform Fire  Ember  Weather Ball Fire 65
 Mantine  Bubble  Aerial Ace 64
 Wormadam Trash  Confusion  Bug Buzz 64
 Ivysaur  Razor Leaf  Power Whip 64
 Vaporeon  Water Gun  Aqua Tail 64
 Castform Normal  Hex  Weather Ball Norm 63
 Leafeon  Razor Leaf  Leaf Blade 63
 Hitmonchan  Counter  Brick Break 63
 Dragonair  Dragon Breath  Aqua Tail 63
 Glalie  Ice Shard  Avalanche 63
 Miltank  Tackle  Body Slam 63
 Blaziken  Counter  Blast Burn 62
 Mew  Shadow Claw  Psyshock 62
 Gloom  Razor Leaf  Sludge Bomb 62
 Sableye  Shadow Claw  Foul Play 61
 Milotic  Dragon Tail  Surf 61
 Dusclops  Feint Attack  Shadow Punch 61
 Marshtomp  Mud Shot  Surf 61
 Registeel  Metal Claw  Flash Cannon 61
 Claydol  Confusion  Earthquake 61
 Wigglytuff  Charm  Play Rough 60
 Lucario  Counter  Power-up Punch 60
 Vileplume  Razor Leaf  Sludge Bomb 60
 Cradily  Infestation  Grass Knot 60
 Cherrim  Razor Leaf  Dazzling Gleam 60
 Forretress  Bug Bite  Heavy Slam 60
 Bronzong  Confusion  Heavy Slam 60
 Piloswine  Powder Snow  Avalanche 60
 Wailmer  Water Gun  Body Slam 60
 Claydol  Extrasensory  Earthquake 60
 Melmetal  Thunder Shock  Flash Cannon 60
 Charizard  Fire Spin  Blast Burn 59
 Clefable  Charm  Meteor Mash 59
 Wormadam Plant  Confusion  Bug Buzz 59
 Wormadam Sand  Confusion  Bug Buzz 59
 Gligar  Fury Cutter  Aerial Ace 59
 Lumineon  Water Gun  Silver Wind 59
 Jumpluff  Infestation  Energy Ball 59
 Latias  Dragon Breath  Outrage 59
 Machamp  Counter  Cross Chop 59
 Sceptile  Fury Cutter  Frenzy Plant 59
 Wartortle  Water Gun  Aqua Jet 59
 Swalot  Infestation  Sludge Bomb 59
 Sunflora  Razor Leaf  Solar Beam 59
 Quagsire  Mud Shot  Stone Edge 59
 Wailord  Water Gun  Surf 59
 Graveler  Mud Shot  Rock Slide 59
 Drapion  Bite  Aqua Tail 58
 Parasect  Fury Cutter  X-scissor 58
 Cloyster  Ice Shard  Avalanche 58
 Hariyama  Counter  Dynamic Punch 58
 Pachirisu  Spark  Thunder Punch 58
 Solrock  Confusion  Rock Slide 58
 Froslass  Powder Snow  Avalanche 58
 Muk  Poison Jab  Thunder Punch 58
 Shiftry  Razor Leaf  Foul Play 58
 Marshtomp  Water Gun  Surf 58
 Alolan Muk  Poison Jab  Dark Pulse 57
 Hitmontop  Counter  Stone Edge 57
 Glaceon  Ice Shard  Avalanche 57
 Latios  Dragon Breath  Dragon Claw 57
 Minun  Spark  Discharge 57
 Flygon  Mud Shot   Dragon Claw 57
 Dunsparce  Bite  Rock Slide 57
 Corsola  Bubble  Rock Blast 57
 Shelgon  Dragon Breath  Twister 57
 Victreebel  Razor Leaf  Sludge Bomb 57
 Wormadam Trash  Bug Bite  Iron Head 57
 Lairon  Metal Claw  Body Slam 56
 Roselia  Razor Leaf  Petal Blizzard 56
 Weepinbell  Razor Leaf  Power Whip 56
 Alolan Ninetales  Powder Snow  Psyshock 56
 Kingdra  Dragon Breath  Hydro Pump 56
 Bibarel  Water Gun  Surf 56
 Magcargo  Rock Throw  Stone Edge 56
 Roserade  Razor Leaf  Solar Beam 55
 Kricketune  Fury Cutter  X-scissor 55
 Croconaw  Water Gun  Ice Punch 55
 Dustox  Confusion  Silver Wind 55
 Ninetales  Fire Spin  Flamethrower 55
 Manaphy  Bubble  Bubble Beam 55
 Togekiss  Charm  Ancient Power 54
 Hippowdon  Fire Fang  Body Slam 54
 Latias  Dragon Breath  Psychic 54
 Omastar  Mud Shot  Rock Slide 54
 Beedrill  Poison Jab  X-scissor 54
 Toxicroak  Counter  Mud Bomb 53
 Haunter  Shadow Claw  Shadow Ball 53
 Venomoth  Bug Bite  Poison Fang 52
 Aerodactyl  Rock Throw  Rock Slide 52
 Alolan Marowak  Hex  Shadow Ball 52
 Mightyena  Bite  Crunch 52
 Pokemon  Quick move  Charge move TDO
 Cresselia  Psycho Cut  Future Sight 100
 Giratina Alt  Dragon Breath  Dragon Claw 90
 Meganium  Vine Whip  Frenzy Plant 87
 Poliwrath  Mud Shot  Power-Up Punch 86
 Deoxys Def  Counter  Psycho Boost 85
 Swampert  Mud Shot  Hydro Cannon 84
 Lugia  Extrasensory  Sky Attack 83
 Blastoise  Water Gun  Hydro Cannon 82
 Lapras  Ice Shard  Surf 82
 Uxie  Confusion  Thunder 80
 Venusaur  Vine Whip  Frenzy Plant 78
 Giratina Org  Shadow Claw  Shadow Ball 77
 Relicanth  Water Gun  Aqua Tail 77
 Regirock  Rock Throw  Stone Edge 76
 Snorlax  Lick  Body Slam 74
 Jirachi  Confusion  Doom Desire 73
 Umbreon  Snarl  Foul Play 71
 Steelix  Dragon Tail  Earthquake 71
 Politoed  Mud Shot  Surf 70
 Hariyama  Counter  Dynamic Punch 68
 Milotic  Water fall  Surf 68
 Cloyster  Ice Shard  Avalanche 68
 Leafeon  Razor Leaf  Leaf Blade 68
 Registeel  Metal Claw  Flash Cannon 67
 Mew  Shadow Claw  Psyshock 67
 Probopass  Spark  Rock Slide 66
 Feraligatr  Waterfall  Hydro Cannon 65
 Machamp  Counter  Cross Chop 65
 Alolan Muk  Poison Jab  Dark Pulse 65
 Bellossom  Razor Leaf  Leaf Blade 65
 Blissey  Pound  Hyper Beam 64
 Vaporeon  Water Gun  Aqua Tail 63
 Altaria  Dragon Breath  Sky Attack 63
 Kingdra  Dragon Breath  Outrage 63
 Tentacruel  Poison Jab  Sludge Wave 63
 Hitmonchan  Counter  Power-Up Punch 63
 Sceptile  Fury Cutter  Frenzy Plant 62
 Omastar  Mud Shot  Rock Slide 62
 Gliscor  Fury Cutter  Earthquake 62
 Dialga  Dragon Breath  Iron Head 61
 Piloswine  Powder Snow  Avalanche 61
 Nidoqueen  Poison Jab  Stone Edge 61
 Tropius  Razor Leaf  Leaf Blade 61
 Tangrowth  Vine Whip  Ancient Power 61
 Lucario  Counter  Power-up Punch 60
 Clefable  Charm  Meteor Mash 60
 Golem  Mud Shot  Stone Edge 60
 Muk  Poison Jab  Dark Pulse 60
 Torterra  Razor Leaf  Stone Edge 60
 Slowbro  Confusion  Ice Beam 60
 Latias  Dragon Breath  Outrage 59
 Aggron  Smack Down  Stone Edge 59
 Flygon  Mud Shot  Dragon Claw 59
 Raikou  Thunder Shock  Wild Charge 59
 Melmetal  Thunder Shock  Rock Slide 59
 Dragonite  Dragon Breath  Dragon Claw 59
 Typhlosion  Shadow Claw  Blast Burn 59
 Lickilicky  Lick  Earthquake 59
 Toxicroak  Counter  Dynamic Punch 59
 Regice  Frost Breath  Earthquake 59
 Hypno  Confusion  Psyshock 59
 Togekiss  Charm  Ancient Power 54
 Suicune  Hidden Power  Bubble Beam 58
 Hitmonchan  Counter  Brick Break 58
 Latios  Dragon Breath  Dragon Claw 58
 Lunatone  Confusion  Rock Slide 58
 Solrock  Confusion  Rock Slide 58
 Blaziken  Counter  Blast Burn 57
 Alolan Golem  Rock Throw  Rock Blast 57
 Heracross  Counter  Megahorn 57
 Victreebel  Razor Leaf  Leaf Blade 57
 Miltank  Tackle  Body Slam 57
 Vileplume  Razor Leaf  Sludge Bomb 57
 Articuno  Ice Shard  Ancient Power 57
 Gallade  Confusion  Leaf Blade 57
 Mamoswine  Powder Snow  Avalanche 57
 Kangaskhan  Mud Slap  Power-Up Punch 56
 Metagross  Bullet Punch  Meteor Mash 56
 Slowking  Confusion  Psychic 56
 Drapion  Bite  Aqua Tail 56
 Walrein  Waterfall  Earthquake 56
 Sudowoodo  Counter  Rock Slide 56
 Donphan  Counter  Earthquake 55
 Manaphy  Bubble  Bubble Beam 55
 Glaceon  Ice Shard  Avalanche 54
 Bronzong  Confusion  Heavy Slam 54
 Heracross  Counter  Megahorn 54
 Skarmory  Air Slash  Sky Attack 54
 Skuntank  Poison Jab  Crunch 54
 Pokemon  Quick move  Charge move TDO
 Lugia  Extrasensory  Sky Attack 100
 Giratina Org  Shadow Claw  Shadow Ball 93
 Giratina Alt  Dragon Breath  Dragon Claw 91
 Groudon  Mud Shot  Earthquake 85
 Garchomp  Mud Shot  Outrage 83
 Metagross  Bullet Punch  Meteor Mash 80
 Dialga  Dragon Breath  Iron Head 77
 Swampert  Mud Shot  Hydro Cannon 75
 Dragonite  Dragon Breath  Dragon Claw 74
 Jirachi  Confusion  Doom Desire 74
 Cresselia  Psycho Cut  Future Sight 73
 Latios  Dragon Breath  Dragon Claw 72
 Tyranitar  Smackdown  Crunch 72
 Snorlax  Lick  Body Slam 72
 Rhyperior  Smackdown  Surf 72
 Melmetal  Thunder Shock  Rock Slide 70
 Latias  Dragon Breath  Outrage 70
 Mewtwo  Confusion  Shadow Ball 69
 Mew  Shadow Claw  Psyshock 68
 Palkia  Dragon Breath  Draco Meteor 67
 Kyogre  Waterfall  Thunder 67
 Raikou  Thunder Shock  Wild Charge 67
 Regirock  Rock Throw  Stone Edge 67
 Ho-Oh  Extrasensory  Brave Bird 65
 Mamoswine  Powder Snow  Avalanche 64
 Heatran  Fire Spin  Stone Edge 61
 Milotic  Waterfall  Surf 60
 Zapdos  Thunder Shock  Thunderbolt 60
 Togekiss  Charm  Ancient Power 60
 Moltres  Fire Spin  Sky Attack 59
 Poliwrath  Mud Shot  Power-Up Punch 58
 Leafeon  Razor Leaf  Leaf Blade 57
 Entei  Fire Spin  Flamethrower 56
 Venusaur  Vine Whip  Frenzy Plant 56
 Vaporeon  Water Gun  Aqua Tail 56
 Rayquaza  Dragon Tail  Outrage 56
 Regice  Frost Breath  Earthquake 55
 Deoxys (Def)  Counter  Psycho Boost 54
 Glaceon  Ice Shard  Avalanche 54
 Lapras  Ice Shard  Surf 54
 Machamp  Counter  Cross Chop 54
 Gyarados  Dragon Breath  Crunch 54
 Meganium  Vine Whip  Frenzy Plant 54
 Celebi  Confusion  Psychic 54
 Magnezone  Spark  Wild Charge 54
 Hariyama  Counter  Dynamic Punch 53
 Manaphy  Bubble  Bubble Beam 53
 Heracross  Counter  Megahorn 53
 Golem  Mud Shot  Stone Edge 53
 Gallade  Confusion  Leaf Blade 53
 Tangrowth  Vine Whip  Ancient Power 53
 Togekiss  Charm  Ancient Power 51
 Aggron  Dragon Tail  Stone Edge 51
 Donphan  Counter  Earthquake 51
 Blastoise  Water Gun  Hydro Cannon 51
 Salamence  Dragon Tail  Draco Meteor 51
 Relicanth  Water Gun  Aqua Tail 50
 Articuno  Ice Shard  Ancient Power 50
 Torterra  Razor Leaf  Stone Edge 50
 Feraligatr  Waterfall  Hydro Cannon 50
 Sceptile  Fury Cutter  Frenzy Plant 50
 Heracross  Counter  Megahorn 49
 Suicune  Extrasensory  Hydro Pump 49
 Alolan Muk  Poison Jab  Dark Pulse 49
 Omastar  Mud Shot  Rock Slide 48
 Blaziken  Counter  Blast Burn 48
 Hariyama  Counter  Close Combat 47
 Typhlosion  Shadow Claw  Blast Burn 47
 Vaporeon  Water Gun  Hydro Pump 47
 Venusaur  Razor Leaf  Frenzy Plant 47
 Electivire  Thunder Shock  Wild Charge 47
 Rhydon  Mud Slap  Surf 46
R Types  Available Pokemon R
12 Steel Electric  Magnemite, Magneton, Magnezone
11 Steel  Registeel, Meltan, Melmetal
Steel  Water  Empoleon
Steel  Fairy  Mawile
10 Steel Ground  Steelix, Alolan Diglett, Alolan Dugtrio
Steel Flying  Skarmory
Steel Psychic  Beldum, Metang, Metagross, Bronzor, Bronzong
Steel Fire  Heatran
Steel Dragon  Dialga
9 Steel Rock  Aron, Lairon, Aggron, Shieldon, Bastiodon, Probopass
Steel Bug  Scizor, Forretrees
Fire  Ghost  Alolan Marowak
8 Steel Ice  Alolan Sandshrew, Alolan Sandslash
Steel Fighting  Lucario
Water Poison  Tentacool, Tentracruel, Qwilfish
7 Fire Flying  Charizard, Moltres, Ho Oh
Fire Rock  Magcargo
Fire Dark  Houndor, Houndoom
Water Fighting  Polywrath
Water Fairy  Marill, Azumarill
Types  Weakness  PvP Relevant Pokemon R
Normal   Weak to Fighting  Munchlax, Snorlax, Vigoroth, Chansey, Blissey, Miltank
Electric   Weak to Ground  Raichu, Ampharos, Minun
Water Ground  Double Weak to Grass  Whiscash, Marshtomp, Swampert, Quagsire, Gastrodon
Steel  Bug  Double Weak to Fire  Scizor, Forretress
Ghost Dark  Weak to Fairy  Spiritomb, Sableye
Dark Poison  Weak to Ground  Skuntank, Alolan Muk, Drapion

Pokemon with only One Weakness

Pokemon with Most Resistances

Stat Boosts

Charge Moves & Mechanics


Ancient Power Ominous Wind Silver Wind Ancient Power Ominous Wind Silver Wind Power-Up Punch Acid Spray Leaf Tornado Earth Power Skull Bash
 Increase Attack & Defence  Aerodactyl  Drifloon  Beautifly  Lucario  Arbok  Victreebel  Gastrodon  Blastoise
 Activation: 10%  Anorith  Drifblim  Dustox  Poliwrath  Victreebel  Shiftry  Hippowdon  Raichu
 1:st  2:nd  3:rd  4:th  Bayleef  Duskull  Finneon  Hitmonchan  Tentacruel  Nidoqueen  Lapras
 x1.50  x2.0  -  -  Cranidos  Dusknoir  Lumineon  Kangaskhan  Muk  Nidoking  Snorlax
 Boost Stage (2 per activation)  Exeggcute  Golbat  Illumis  Medicham  Alolan Muk  Camerupt  Rhyperior
 2/4  4/4  -  -  Giratina Alt  Masquerain  Ledyba  Quagsire  Claydol
 Kabuto  Misdreavus  Ledian  Qwilfish  Aerodactyl
Power-Up Punch  Kabutops  Shuppet  Masquerain  Octillery
 Increase Attack  Larvitar  Spiritomb  Venemoth  Swalot
 Activation: 100%  Lileep  Xatu  Yanma
 1:st  2:nd  3:rd  4:th  Mamoswine  Giratina Org
 x1.25  x1.50  x1.75  x2.0  Mew
 Boost Stage (1 per activation)  Omanyte
 1/4  2/4  3/4  4/4  Omastar
Acid Spray  Relicanth
 Decrease Opponents Defence  Shieldon
 Activation: 100%  Tangrowth
 1:st  2:nd  3:rd  4:th  Togepi
 x0,67  x0,50  -  -  Togetic
 Boost Stage (2 per activation)  Togekiss
 2/4  4/4  -  -  Yanma
Leaf Tornado  Articuno
 Decrease Opponents Attack  Zapdos
 Activation: 50%  Moltres
 1:st  2:nd  3:rd  4:th
 x0,80  x0,67  x0,57  x0,50
 Boost Stage (1 per activation)
 1/4  2/4  3/4  4/4
Earth Power
 Decrease Opponents Defence
 Activation: 10%
 1:st  2:nd  3:rd  4:th
 x0,80  x0,67  x0,57  x0,50
 Boost Stage (1 per activation)
 1/4  2/4  3/4  4/4
Skull Bash
 Increase Defence
 Activation: 100%
 1:st  2:nd  3:rd  4:th
 x1.25  x1.50  x1.75  x2.0
 Boost Stage (1 per activation)
 1/4  2/4  3/4  4/4