Pokemon Go PvP Type Chart and Resources

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About the Site

PvPChart.com was started in Dec 2018 with the goal of gathering all crucial charts, background stats and information for PvP-players in one place, to make the team building process easier and more creative. It started with a well-received Type Effectiveness Chart and grew from there. Having quick easy access to the basic charts, stats and what's "under the hood" is important to be able to focus entirly on the very creative, analytical and fun parts of PvP!

Pokemon Go PvP is as you might know highly complex, and much more than meets the eye at first glance. If you want to understand why certain pokemon are good in PvP, and why different pokemon play different roles and suits certain strategies, you need to know the underlying basics. Many people just go with a ranking, and don't do much else than play with those pokemon.  I hope the site gives players a better understanding of what is “under the hood” and less dependent on rankings and copying existing play-styles. I encourage everyone to make their own unique teams and concepts, to try new pokemon and ideas that comes to mind in an experimental way. Maybe play more against the meta and surprise your opponents. With easy access to Type Effectiveness, TDO-rankings, Move Stats, Top-Resistances, Stat Boosts, Quick Move DPS and the full Move Pool, you should have all you need to figure out any concept on your own. Possibilities are endless, so go get creative!

Show your Support

The site is run by one single person working on their spare time. The goal is to grow the site and constantly update as the game develops. PvP is still in a very early stage and I think it has a lot of potential!
There is however costs of running/hosting the site and the time set aside for the project, so far completely whiteout financial help. If you appreciate the work that has been done, and want to help sustain the site and content for the future, I would be relieved and super thankful if you would like to be a Patreon! Anything is welcome and would motivate me to keep going and improving. If you decide to become a Patreon, you will get notified when new content goes live and possibly some team advice and cup recommendations in the future. Maybe not your standard meta-recommendations, but rather a creative anti-meta team that might fly under the radar, including a solid explanation of why these pokemon and moves were chosen, with the help of the stats on the site.


Another way to help the site is to recommend it to your friends, your local community or put up a link if you have a website/youtube channel of your own. Just add www.pvpchart.com and let more people know about it!

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